Honing Biosciences

Honing Biosciences, Tuning Cell TherapiesHoning Biosciences is a bio-therapeutics company that develops and improves cell-based therapies in particular of cancer and other chronic diseases. Cell-based approaches represent a promising avenue to develop novel therapies. Honing Biosciences leverages technologies that allow precise control of cell functions after delivery to patients, increasing the efficacy and limiting the harmful drawbacks of previous generations of treatments. Our molecular CellTuneTM technology allows to develop new classes of tunable cell therapeutics to control the dynamic delivery of proteins in patients. We can thus regulate protein expression at the cell surface or secretion of enzymes, cytokines, antibodies, adapting the delivery of therapeutic proteins to clinical evolutions. Honing Biosciences proprietary technological platform has breakthrough applications all types of cell-based therapy, including immunotherapy and reconstituting cell therapies for autoimmunity and chronic diseases.

We help to improvemedecine

Honing Biosciences is focused on improving medicine by re-engaging the body's immune system to treat cancer. Honing Biosciences is founded on the vision that the use of human T cells as therapeutics will drive one of the most important phases in medicine.

Longer term, Honing Biosciences aims to develop cell-based therapy to include additional product candidates to address a broad range of cancers and human diseases.